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A Guide to Transporting Perishables

A Guide to Transporting Perishables

Transporting perishables is a high-stakes and complex task. This can include fresh food such as produce and meat, frozen food, pharmaceuticals, biological materials, and plants. These items have short shelf lives, may melt if not kept frozen, may need controlled temperatures, or require other special shipping considerations. As a trucking company in Virginia, we cater to the needs of our customers who ship perishable items.

Here are some tips we recommend our customers to consider at our trucking company in Memphis TN:

  • Work with a reliable logistics partner
    This can include reliable trucking to handle your items and a reliable freight broker in Stafford, Virginia to ensure that your documents and clearances are complete.
  • Know what’s best for your type of perishables
    Know the best practices and conditions for shipping your specific items including the temperature, insulation, packaging, and other special conditions they may need.
  • Comply with regulations
    Know the regulations required for shipping perishables and have the documentation prepared beforehand.
  • Plan your schedule
    Perishables require immediate shipping and a schedule that won’t have them sitting in the temperature “danger zone”.

Are you in need of reliable freight forwarding in Canada to handle the transport of your perishable items? We at Global Logistics Group – GLG have the latest equipment, workforce, and expertise to handle your logistics needs.

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