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How 3PLs Ensure Efficiency in Supply Chain Management

How 3PLs Ensure Efficiency in Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management encapsulates the whole process of turning raw materials into products and bringing them to customers. There are many players in this train of processes: one of the key ones are freight brokers and 3PLs. These two are mainly involved in distribution.

A freight broker in Stafford, Virginia, helps expedite the distribution process of your product to local stores or even to warehouses in Canada. They are often part of 3PLs that handle the transportation of products from the factory to stores, where customers purchase them. Efficiency in this stage can yield positive results in supply chain management.

Timeliness, having a strong network, and excellent customer service are a few of the main agents of efficient freight forwarding in Canada. You can find all of these qualities in Global Logistics Group -GLG. We are a leading 3PL composed of top-tier freight brokers.

We provide convenient transfers and logistics for all kinds of shipments. We are affiliated with different organizations, like a trucking company in Virginia, for your local supply or a big-scale shipper for international freight. Our mission is to provide convenient shipments for all our clients.

Schedule an appointment with us so we can discuss your freight and logistics needs. We’d be happy to be your partners and help in achieving your business goals.

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