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Knowing the Best Vehicle to Use for Your Goods

Knowing the Best Vehicle to Use for Your Goods

With the innovation of modern-day technology, business owners now have multiple options as to how they’ll transport goods from one place to another. One of the most popular and reliable ways of transporting goods is through trucks. When you’re considering a trucking company in Virginia, make sure to know the vehicles that suit your needs.

  • Flatbed Trucks.

    Flatbed trucks are large vehicles that have no sidewalls, no roof, and have a flat platform. This is most suited for goods that are too wide to be enclosed on walled trucks. When transporting large goods such as construction materials or lumber, flatbeds come in great use.

  • Temperature-Controlled vehicles.

    Other transport vehicles include insulated walls and refrigeration units to control the temperature within the truck unit. These trucks are mainly used for perishable goods like meat and seafood and can transport them through long distances. These units can also be used for other temperature-sensitive goods like ice or vaccines.

  • Dry Vans.

    Unlike the flatbed, dry vans are enclosed trucks that have a roof and walls to protect the load from external elements. When your business is doing freight forwarding in Canada and other far places, this vehicle may be suited for your goods because they are secure. When using dry vans, make sure your goods are not temperature-sensitive. And can be small enough to fit in the unit.

Different businesses require different transportation needs. Make sure you choose the right freight broker to transport your goods safely.

Make sure to check out Global Logistics Group – GLG for your freight needs. We are a freight broker in Stafford, Virginia, ready to help you transport your goods safely and efficiently.

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