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Logistics Outsourcing Mistakes to Avoid for Success

Logistics Outsourcing Mistakes to Avoid for Success

Outsourcing your logistics through a freight broker in Stafford, Virginia can be greatly beneficial for your business. However, there are still logistics mistakes you should avoid for your partnership with a freight broker to be successful.

The first mistake you should avoid is assuming that you can just leave anything to your partner. Whatever you expect should be detailed and put into writing. Clearly define your mission and your goals. In connection with this, make sure that even though you’ve outsourced your logistics processes, you’re still monitoring how things are going.

Another mistake you should avoid is expecting too much. Though we all have the fantasies of achieving 100% of our projected savings, that rarely happens in real life. So even if you only achieved around 70% of your goals, don’t be disheartened. Also, don’t outsource too much too soon with the expectation of getting cost savings. Outsource as needed.

Lastly, don’t get into a contract without defining the disengagement criteria and procedure for disengagement. You should be able to easily get out of the agreement if your partner in freight forwarding in Canada doesn’t deliver.

If you want to know more about logistics outsourcing, don’t hesitate to talk to us at Global Logistics Group – GLG. We have the experience, technology, and connection with not just one trucking company in Virginia, but a wide network of carriers across the country.

You can be assured that you get the efficiency and benefits that come from a successful logistics partnership.

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