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Utilizing a Trucking Company for Heavy Shipments


Shipping small and medium-sized goods are perhaps easy to manage, but when we talk about heavy or oversized loads, it’s entirely a different case.

Hiring a reputable logistics company, like a trucking company in Dallas TX, to transport heavy goods can be more beneficial than dealing with it yourself.

Our freight broker in Chicago, IL can help you pick the suitable company and services your business may need. But what exactly can a trucking company do?

  • Right equipment

    You can minimize the risks associated with transporting an overweight load when you hire a trucking company specializing in hauling such cargo provided by a freight broker in Illinois.

  • Necessary legal permits

    Companies can get permits for all the states your shipment will pass through, ensuring that your goods always comply with local laws. The trucker may secure a permit if your load’s size and weight exceed the standard when necessary.

  • Improved container shipment

    More material can be loaded into the container if the trucker has the proper heavy-load equipment and obtains the required licenses. As a result, you can reduce the number of containers needed to transport your goods, saving your company lots of money.

Global Logistics Group – GLG, a company that provides freight transportation in Orlando, Florida, can help you find the right match to handle your shipments for your business through our experience and expertise!

If you want to learn more about our freight forwarding in Texas and other areas, contact us at 703-552-8753 or email us at

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