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Why Do You Need Cargo Insurance?

Why Do You Need Cargo Insurance?

Anything can happen on the air, on the road, or even on the sea. That’s why you must remember to purchase cargo insurance when you’re handing over a huge consignment to a freight broker in Stafford, Virginia.

Don’t get us wrong – these professionals are trained to handle cargo in the safest manner possible. They know how to secure your cargo so damage is minimized, if not avoided. This is very important especially when you’re shipping over fragile items.

Careful and meticulous are they are, even the most scrutinizing trucking company in Virginia can face events that are beyond its control.

With cargo insurance, you’re providing yourself the opportunity to be protected against and even compensated for damages to your package while en route to your consignee. All risk protection provided by cargo insurance can protect against events like packing-related damages, parasite infestation in the case of perishable products, cargo abandonment, and even customs rejection.

Before you get in touch with a freight broker like Global Logistics Group – GLG , it’s best to read up on available policies and coverages for cargo insurance. You should spend time learning about which policies are ideal for your shipment in terms of coverage and insured amount.

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