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Why Dry Trailer Vans Remain Popular in Trucking

Why Dry Trailer Vans Remain Popular in Trucking

If you check out the trucks employed by any trucking company in Virginia, you’ll find that most of them are transporting trailer vans called “dry trailer vans.” These vans have remained popular for several decades now and are showing no signs of leaving any time soon.

As a shipper, you’d do well to know why a trucking company in Memphis TN would continue to prefer dry vans as a container for the goods that they are transporting on behalf of their clients. So, let’s take a look at what dry trailer vans have to offer the customers of trucking companies.

One distinguishing feature of dry trailer vans is that they are very versatile. This means that your freight broker in Stafford, Virginia can load almost any kind of shipment into these trailers. As their name suggests, they are very ideal for transporting dry goods. They can also be used to transport heavy goods like cars, hardware, and others.

Of course, dry trailer vans have their limitations. They don’t have the capabilities for refrigeration or for maintaining the needed temperature to keep perishable goods from getting spoiled while in transit. If a company doing freight forwarding in Canada wants to transport wet goods and other forms of perishable items, dry trailer vans are not the right choice.

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