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Why You Should Go for Expedited Deliveries

Why You Should Go for Expedited Deliveries

If you are shipping out perishables or you are running on a tight schedule to meet your customer’s expectations you may want to consider expedited shipping. This is useful for time-sensitive or rushed deliveries. As a freight broker in Stafford, Virginia, expedited deliveries are part of our wide range of services.

As a provider of freight forwarding in Canada, we recommend expedited deliveries for the following benefits:

  • Guaranteed delivery time
    If you are working on a precise schedule, expedited deliveries guarantee that your shipment will arrive without delay.
  • Real-time status notifications
    This visibility allows for better inventory, tracking, lead time, and customer satisfaction.
  • Fewer touchpoints
    With fewer touchpoints, there are fewer chances of the goods getting damaged.
  • A useful supply chain strategy
    Instead of being used only as a quick fix to supply chain errors, you can incorporate expedited shipping as part of your supply chain strategy.
  • Lowered inventory costs
    As the shipment spends less time in warehouses, you will have lower inventory costs and have more flexibility in your schedule.

Are you in need of a reliable trucking company in Virginia to handle your expedited shipments? We at Global Logistics Group – GLG have the latest equipment, workforce, and expertise to handle this for you.

We are a trusted freight broker in Stafford, Virginia that can provide you with the right solutions for any destination, size, weight, or mode of shipment.

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